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Phillip Magliolo

Reference from : Jack Burnstein.

‘’I have known Phillip Magliolo for some months now as a caregiver, but we have built up a relationship more a friend and companion based on common interests. I have always found him very capable and reliable. He has a strong sense of humour and great interest in his fellow man. Frequently he goes beyond what I expect and always pleasant and helpful.
It is nice to know that I can always be reassured by his willingness to help in a multitude of ways.
I hope that our relationship will continue for many years to come.’’
Jack Burnstein

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Phillip Magliolo

Reference from : Judy Blumberg.

To whom it may concern.
Phillip Magliolo cared for my husband over a period of 2 years, ending September 2020, until his death, for varying periods of time (night shifts or for 2 hours in the morning to get out of bed, or similarly to go to bed at night.) My husband preferred to have male assistance and Phillip proved to be the unobtrusive companion and carer he needed and had confidence in.
Philip has excellent caring qualities, he is empathetic; kind; caring; patient; and strong. He is also considerate of family members. He is a reliable person and never let us down. He also had his own access to our house.
Judy Blumberg

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Phillip Magliolo

Reference from : Henning Landman.

I am pleased to recommend to you Mr. Phillip Magliolo. I’ve had the opportunity of working with Phillip since 2017, in the capacity of care giver for my ill mother.


In my time working with Phillip, he has shown a great amount of devotion to his work. He is exceptional in all aspects of his relationship with my mother. He has a caring nature and an ability to make my mother feel comfortable and at ease.


I wholeheartedly endorse Phillip. He is an excellent care giver and is certainly a credit to the profession.


Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.


Yours Sincerely

Henning Landman

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Phillip Magliolo

Reference from : Denise Van Der Westhuizen.

This letter serves to confirm that Phillip is employed as a Carer for my elderly mom who is 90 years old. My mom is frail and tends to be forgetful. He cares for her, is very patient and assists her with her daily physio exercises as well as assisting her in taking her medication, if and when required.
I have found Phillip to be extremely helpful, always willing to assist when my mom needs to be taken to the Doctor. He is always willing to fetch and drop as well as collect her medicine as and when required.
He is always punctual and should there by a reason he is unable to come and care for my mom, he notifies me and always tries to make up for the time he missed.
I would not hesitate in recommending him for a caring position.
Yours sincerely
Denise van der Westhuizen

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Chantelle Le Roux.

Reference from : Estelle Lindstrom.

‘’Chantelle Le Roux did caregiving duties for us in that she was tending to our 80 year- old father who was totally bed – ridden towards the end.
She did her utmost to keep him comfortable and content to the best of her abilities. Feeding him his daily meals and giving him a daily bath and changing his clothing / bedding and nappies on a regular basis. Also providing his daily medication as required.
She was always on time and spent the required hours with the patient if not longer on certain days when required to do so.
We would have no hesitation in recommending her for a similar position. I am sure she can only prove to be an asset at looking after the frail and elderly.’’
Estelle Lindstrom

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Bridgert Jaravani.

Reference from : Felicia du Preez.

Dear Sir / Madam
Bridgert Jaravani (Big Heart Carers)
This letter serves to confirm that Bridgert is employed as a Carer for myself (Felicia du Preez) and my son Craig Ross who both have muscular dystrophy. My son also has diabetes. She cares for us, is very patient and reliable. She is honest, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile, for which I am beyond grateful. Amongst her duties are to wash both of us, help inject the insulin for Craig and attend to our well-being.
I would not hesitate in recommending her for any caring position.
Felicia du Preez

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Amanda Van As

Reference from : Joy Gilbert

Brentwood Park

24 January 2022

To whom it may concern


I wish to inform you that Amanda Van As, cared for my late husband John Gilbert.

 He had Parkinson and Dementia. She was a wonderful carer, such a loving, kind person and so professional.

It was wonderful to know that you could trust her.

He looked forward to her coming. She bed bathed him, massaged his back and legs. Made his lunch and was a good friend to him.

I was always happy when she arrived it gave me a chance to have time to myself.

I would recommend her; you will be very happy with her.



Joy Gilbert



Brentwood Park


Mrs B Hattingh.

The Big Heart Carers team really does care. In my experience, they have the rare combination of compassion, instinct, and skills needed for this calling. They go to great lengths to make the person who needs looking after as happy and comfortable as possible. Carers work with the family to determine the individual's wants and needs and refine their services as they get to know the individual. I am extremely thankful that we found this company to look after my father.

Susan Machard

Date: May 2021

Re: Testimonial of Amanda Van As.

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of reference for Amanda.
I met Amanda as a Carer, who came into our family when my dad was not able to move out of bed on his own. She started this journey with us in December 2020 and my dad was bedridden and my mom was in terrible pain from arthritis.

Amanda has done basic hygiene, bed baths, assisting in the bathroom, personal hygiene, nail care, assisting with washing, changing bedding, massage, getting snacks, supporting on walks in the garden, exercise, and companionship. honestly, I'm sure there are so many more chores that I have not mentioned that she assists with. 

I have been continuously impressed by the efforts and support she has given my parents. the physical change in my parents is noticeable as I know they have a sense of independence with Amanda's support.

My dad has gone from not moving off his bed, to getting up, dressed, and driving again.
my mom has sown great improvement in that her pain levels have eased.
Without Amanda's care, I don't believe that my dad would be where he is today.
I believe that Amanda has a tremendous amount of passion for what she does and know that she will be a valuable asset and support where ever she goes.

Guy De Swardt 

Date: 11 May 2021

Re: Testimonial of Amanda Van As.

Dear Sir, Madam,

It is my pleasure to commend to you Amanda Van As as an absolutely outstanding personal carer.
Since 1 March 2021, Amanda has been caring for my father of 87 years. He has been bedridden, and Amanda has shown all the knowledge and skill to look after him, care for him, feed him and care for his wounds to our absolute satisfaction.

She has great compassion for her patients which makes the world of difference.
She is also a people person, a person of high integrity. Her word is her honor.

I would highly recommend her as a personal carer!
Please feel free to contact me in this regard, should you wish to do so.

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